Gym Memberships

Barbell Club Memberships

All Club memberships include coaching and programming

1x per week: $50/month

2x per week: $75/month

3x per week: $100/month

Unlimited sessions: $125/month

College Student: $75/month unlimited

Military/Police/Fire: $99/month unlimited

Drop-In: $20/session or 10 session punch card for $150


Open Gym: $75/month

DOES NOT include coaching or programming 

Classes and Clubs have priority on space and equipment

Personal Training Rates

30-Minutes: $35/Session 

1-Hour: $60/Session 

Access to All Classes + Open Gym included in monthly rate plans

1 Session/week: $220/month

2 Sessions/Week: $440/month

3 Sessions/Week: $600/Month

4 Sessions/Week: $800/Month

All personal training sessions are 1 hour long

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